Our Fort William hotel has free wi fi and parking, and all business services

Free WiFi at Imperial Hotel Fort William

Tired of paying high daily fees for Internet access while on the road? You're not alone. Experts say free wireless or high speed internet in guest rooms is becoming a service leisure hotel guests, and business travellers in particular, now expect.

We have listened to our customers, and unlike many hotels, including many of the big city centre well known hotel brands too, we are delighted to offer free WiFi high speed internet access at Imperial Hotel Fort William, in all areas throughout the hotel; public areas, all 35 rooms and suites. Moreover, our wi fi is of a quality which will comfortably satisfy all guests’ requirements, too often free is associated with low quality, and this is prevalent amongst guest comments about many hotels.

So, stay connected with friends and family, business colleagues and associates throughout your stay here in Fort William with our fast, free WiFi internet access

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