Achieving Lasting Positive Change

We have proudly sponsored Pump Aid to install a water pump in the impoverished community of Nkhungulu, Malawi.

Now the community have access to safe, clean and sustainable source of water in their community. Providing access to clean, safe water, sanitation and hygiene education gives communities the ability to live healthily and brings significant benefits to the whole community including:

Improved Health – with access to a protected source of clean water, outbreaks from water borne diseases (such as blindness and diarrhoea) are less common.

Increased economic productivity – With a pump close by, many hours spent walking to collect water from an often dirty source will be saved, freeing up time for community members to spend growing crops or making bricks they can sell at market.

Better Food Security – Approximately 20% of water produced by our pumps is used to carry out small scale irrigation of gardens. This helps provide crops throughout the year and means better nutrition for families.

More children attending school regularly – Having a protected source of clean water nearby means that children suffer significantly less preventable illnesses and no longer have to walk many miles to collect water. They can spend more time in school completing their education, which in turn can provide greater opportunities in life.

Improving the lives of Women and girls – Traditionally women and girls collect water for their families, so having a pump nearby has many benefits. It gives them more time to use productively, either by attending school or earning a living. This empowers women and gives them more independence. A water source close by also protects women and girls from attacks while they walk many miles to collect water. By encouraging communities to build latrines, women and girls have a private place to go to the toilet and no longer suffer shame and embarrassment when menstruating.

Better hygiene and sanitation practice – providing communities with education around correct hygiene and sanitation practices is a vital part of our work and results in further protection against the spread of disease.

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